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MultiVu is developing a single sensor 3D imaging solution, which can take 3D color images and function as a traditional camera with enhanced features. The technology is comprised of a single modified digital sensor accompanied by advanced AI algorithms.

The result is a 3D camera, which is both compact, cost effective and energy efficient. While our initial use case is face authentication, our camera has applications in the medical, automotive, secured access and industrial markets.

Our Solution

Depth sensing technology has become essential in a multitude of applications where 2D images present significant disadvantages. The leading example of this is facial recognition, which has become a key part of high-end smartphones and secure access systems, in which the use of 2D images can be hacked.

The advantage of 3D imaging for intrusive medical devices is apparent. This can be achieved with MultiVu’s low footprint camera module.
MultiVu’s lower cost solution for 3D imaging paves the way for implementation in a wide range of applications that could not bear the costs associated with existing 3D technologies using multiple sensors and a projector.


Here’s how it works

  • Our patented lens replacement gathers the angular information of the light
  • Our patented optical filter encodes the light passing through the system
  • The information is sampled from one digital sensor
  • Deep learning algorithms reconstruct the depth information
  • The new module dimensions do not change.

Bottom line:

  • A lower cost solution (single sensor)
  • Compact (less components)
  • Low power consumption (passive solution)
  • Off the shelf sensor
  • Enhanced Features
  • A single sensor providing 3D imaging (color and Depth)



  • Doron Nevo

    Doron Nevo


    Israeli entrepreneur - Doron founded and served as CEO of several high-tech companies, such as: KiloLambda - an optical nanotechnology component company, NKO, Inc. and Barak 013 - an Israeli international carrier.

  • Ido Yovel

    Ido Yovel

    VP R&D

    Ido earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University with honors, and is a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Prof. David Mendlovic. Ido specialized in optical systems, computational photography, computer vision and machine learning.

  • Ira Sokirianski

    Ira Sokirianski

    VP Product 

    Ira occupied different positions throughout her career, starting as an embedded software engineer and system architect followed by project/product management and business development in several companies such as RadVision, Emblaze and Texas Instruments. Ira is a seasoned professional with a strong technical background as well as customer management skills.


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